Ross’ Gold

Ross’ Gold™ is poised to be the first super premium BRANDED medical cannabis, launched in tandem with the Canadian government’s changes in legislation. Think about it: Advil, Tylenol, Grey Goose and more brands are all around us, and provide the consumer with confidence.

Olympic Gold winner Ross Rebagliati has always made headlines. Be part of the news, not a reader of it.

Ross’ Gold™ intends to distribute medical cannabis through partnerships with government approved growers. We have an established brand with the celebrity of Olympic Gold Medal winner Ross Rebagliati and will be selling brands called Ross’ Platinum, Ross’ Gold, Ross’ Silver and Ross’ Bronze with specific THC/CBD levels for specific ailments. The Company also has a licensing model and co-branding to market alongside its planned reality TV show.

Our goal is to be Canadian medical cannabis industry innovators, by bringing our experience in the industry, bolstered by leveraging our understanding of the web 2.0 e-commerce, retail space and multiple-unit operations. Everything we promote will be of the highest standard and unique while providing customers with a high class of service and professionalism.

Our products will be designed to promote a healthy lifestyle designed to enrich the lives of those who have medial needs. Our customers are key to our success and helping them meet their goals is paramount to our success as partners in the community.